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Light Frequency Therapy is the Medicine of the Future, also known as Photobiomodulation. The retina and the small intestine are specialized organs for receiving these therapeutic quantum energetic resonances, while acupuncture points also function as photoelectric eyes as well. 

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Let There Be Light!

High Potency Botanical/Nutritional Formulations...


We use the most concentrated and biologically active nutrients and botanicals.

We use active coenzyme vitamins, highly bioavailable minerals, and optimum forms of other nutrients.

We use botanical ingredients as concentrates and highly potent standardized extracts. 


Our formulations are supplied in special biophotonic violet glass to maintain the highest potency and purity over time.

The bonds of organic compounds contain light energy from the sun, which is strongest in the center of the visible spectrum.

Visible light frequencies resonate with those bonds and break them over time in conventional packaging.

Infrared energies sustain the healing potential of nutrients and herbs, while violet and ultraviolet energies are ionizing, preventing the growth of unwanted microbes.

These beneficial frequencies are allowed through our special glass bottles. 


For over 35 years, we have been formulating healing products and programs for individuals by measuring their effect on the coherence of the biofield.

Our research shows that 85% of healing is typically the body's response to the presence of a therapeutic substance in the body field.

We include a broad spectrum of therapeutic ingredients to maximize this stimulation of self healing pathways.

What's Inside The Bottle?

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What People Are Experiencing...

Todd Wylie, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

Doctor of Optometry

"I'm really seeing some encouraging results with actual healing of tissue... A low tension glaucoma patient seeing documented recovery of some visual fields and also seeing assistance with lens clarity improving nicely and overall just general health improvement."

Joy Dettling

Wellness Coach

"I would recommend the work that Glen does to anyone. I've had so much healing from the help they've given me."

Joy Gardner

Author of Healing Yourself

“You really helped me when I had the supposedly incurable Sjogren’s Syndrome.”

Bruce Ballon, M.D.

Harvard-trained Retinologist

"Mr. DeCosta has had dramatic improvement in his vision despite having had wet macular degeneration."

Dawn Lianna

Author, Messages from the Angels

"I went from feeling horrid, doing every good protocol that came my way, spending money on things that worked and didn't work, going to many doctors who tried their best to help, and losing faith in my body while being re-infected again and again, to beginning in one months time to recover my strength, health, faith, fortitude & my confidence in my & my body's ability to heal."

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